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5 social media post ideas for your pet brand

Keeping multiple social profiles updated with fresh content can be a challenge for marketers. Your audience craves new posts, and the pressure is on to deliver consistently. However, if you keep reusing the same static posts, your social feeds can start to feel repetitive.

This is why it's crucial for brands to have a variety of social media concepts ready to implement. We've compiled a list of five social media post ideas for brands of all sizes. Each of these post types offers a unique way to refresh your social feeds and prevent them from becoming monotonous.

1. Plan social media posts for every day of the week

Are you looking to transform your social feed from a jumbled collection of posts into an exciting event?

Consider initiating a weekday series to foster regular engagement with your fans and followers. By consistently delivering relevant content, you can encourage your audience to anticipate specific content from you.

Having a regular schedule not only sets expectations for your community and offers them something to look forward to but also provides a framework for your team, making content production more efficient and straightforward.

2. Share influencer content

Consider partnering with pet influencers for sponsored content or collaborations. The key to finding the right influencers for your brand lies in authenticity, the second most crucial factor for creators collaborating with brands. Prioritize influencers who cater to a similar audience as your brand.

Additionally, if you come across any videos from influencers that feature your brand, seek their permission to repost the content on your brand's profile. This is a simple yet effective way to showcase to your audience others who appreciate your brand.

3. Run a contest or giveaway

The allure of something for very little is hard to resist. Social media giveaways and contests are among the most effective strategies for increasing engagement from followers on social media platforms.

Running a giveaway or contest, regardless of your follower base, is well within your reach. You don't need to rely on third-party tools or services. All it takes is a few key elements:

  1. A worthwhile prize. Ideally, the prize for your competition should be connected to your brand (for instance, complementary products or a membership). Prizes that are unrelated but of high value may attract individuals seeking freebies, who may not convert into long-term followers.

  2. Rules and regulations. Establishing rules and regulations for your competition is critical to protecting yourself legally..

  3. A contact point. On your rules and regulations page, make sure to provide an email address where individuals can reach out with any queries or concerns.

  4. A method of participation. Whether through user-generated content or a branded hashtag, encouraging followers to post about your brand is the most effective way to facilitate participation. After all, the aim of a reward program isn't just to distribute stuff for free but to increase brand awareness.

4. Share, pin, retweet and regram

Don't hesitate to give your followers and colleagues the spotlight.

It's important to remember that your social feed isn't exclusively for your content. Sharing and promoting related brands, articles, and follower-submitted content is beneficial. This demonstrates your active participation in the industry-wide dialogue.

Adhering to the 80/20 promotional rule is recommended for brands. Your feed should contain 80% engaging and entertaining content and only 20% promotional material. This approach prevents your feed from becoming a continuous sales pitch.

5. Create short-form video clips

As brands evolve, the necessity for a video content strategy has dramatically increased. However, the perception of video investment being complex, costly, and unachievable remains prevalent among many.

Among the various types of content found in feeds, short-form videos have emerged as the most captivating. In fact, short-form videos are found to be 2.5 times more engaging than their long-form counterparts by consumers.

Given these statistics, it's crucial for brands to seriously consider creative ways to incorporate videos into their social media strategies.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels thrive on short-form video content, but these clips are also ideal for Twitter and Facebook. Brands could even experiment with YouTube Shorts. These concise clips typically require minimal editing, can be produced rapidly, and are highly shareable.

We'd love to help you achieve your social media goals. All it takes is one email and we can get started today!

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