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Increasing Brand Awareness with Rich Content

How familiar is your target audience with your offerings?

Brand awareness is the level of recognition of your brand, products, and services by your target audience. In this article, we offer key points your marketing team use to develop effective brand awareness for your pet brand:

1. Create a consistent brand image

Using consistent visuals across all channels for your pet brand is the most basic and essential thing you can do immediately to build brand strength. A great brand must do more than look good; if your consumer doesn't even recognize you, gaining traction with your audience will be impossible. Develop a brand book to establish your brand style and visual identity.

2. Use social listening tools

As new technologies become available, your business can use advanced tools better to understand your audience's behaviors, needs and interests. For instance, you can start using social listening tools to monitor how your brand is perceived in all media channels, whether users tag you in their comments or simply look for the solutions your pet brand offers.

When it comes to media monitoring for brand awareness, it's important to cast a wide net. This means not only tracking mentions of your pet brand but also keeping an eye on your industry niche. By doing so, you can stay informed about the broader conversations and trends that could impact your business.

3. Establish your tone of voice

When crafting the tone of voice for your pet brand, consider what personality type your business wants to convey and what resonates with your ideal customers.

4. Develop a unique selling preposition (USP)

Your USP tells your customers who you are, what your brand stands for, and why your customers should buy from you. Knowing what makes you unique will help you position yourself in a competitive market.

5. Do your SEO research

If your website is optimized, it will rank higher on Google, making users more likely to visit. Knowing what your audience may look for is essential to developing brand awareness via SEO. By understanding what keywords your target audience is searching, you can ensure the content your brand is sharing is relevant to them, and, therefore, your brand appears in front of potential customers when they are looking for the products or services your company offers.

6. Use social media intentionally

Social media monitoring tools provide performance data you can translate into insights when crafting your marketing strategies. Start building branded hashtags that invite users to become part of engaging communities around your brand's offerings and solutions. Create shareable content that provides valuable information that helps your target audience solve a common problem.

7. Measure brand awareness

When measuring your brand awareness, think first about the tactics you will be implementing.

Some popular tactics brands tap into are:

  • Influencer marketing

  • Brand advertising

  • SEO

  • User generated content

  • Brand partnership

  • PR

Based on the tactics you plan to execute, you will be able to identify the best performance indicators that reflect your results. One of the most important metrics is the presence score which helps your team understand the level of recognition around your pet company, competitors and other topics related to the industry.

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