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Micro vs. Macro: Which Influencer is Right for Your Brand?

micro and macro influencer examples

Part of creating an effective influencer campaign is the person who will create the content for your product or brand. Millions of influencers connect with their audience and deliver information through deeper connections. Their authenticity persuades your target audience to buy products and develop brand trust. More and more brands are using influencers to promote their product or service, and the industry will only continue to grow.

The global Influencer market value was around 13.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021.

Influencer Type

Knowing what type of influencer to hire is vital for your desired result. Overall, influencer types break down by the number of followers. While there are many levels of influencers, the main ones are macro and micro-influencers.

Macro influencers are accounts with 500,000 to 1 million followers. They could be musicians, chefs, bakers, models, athletes, fashion designers, actors, or pets.

Micro-influencers are accounts with 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Often, micro-influencers have niche audiences and closer relationships with their followers. Examples are moms, travel bloggers, artists, foodies, doctors, etc.

Consider These Before You Choose an Influencer

While influencers with large followings may seem like the obvious choice, the more effective marketing strategy for your brand could be the exact opposite. The number of followers does not equate to the number of sales.

Here are a few things to consider before diving headfirst into influencer research:

1. Cost

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37% of brands spend less than $10K annually on influencer marketing, and 30% spent between $10K and $50K

The cost could make or break your marketing campaign. The more followers an influencer has, the more they cost to hire. Going all out on one post with an influencer because they have over a million followers will not be a lasting marketing strategy. However, macro-influencers, such as Olympic medalists, could align your brand and product with a reputation in a more controlled campaign.

2. Authenticity

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Authenticity may determine the effectiveness of your campaign. If an influencer posts a lot of product placement or sponsored posts, then followers will be less likely to believe the influencer genuinely uses the product.

88% of consumers feel it’s vital an influencer is authentic.

Your research will reveal how well the influencer handles sponsored content and how authentic their audience thinks they are. Micro-influencers likely have more authenticity because of their higher engagement rate, but it is situational to the influencer and their audience.



Engagement is not always more involved when there are larger followings. Micro-influencers have smaller audiences, but they are more likely to believe the person engages with your brand and product daily. Mega-influencers work with many brands and standing out as a worthwhile company may be difficult. For instance, micro-influencers had more engagement with their audience than macro-influencers on Instagram.


graph of social platforms for influencers 2019-2021

Social platforms target certain types of content and influencers in their algorithms, and it's vital to know this information before choosing an influencer. Some platforms might have lots of macro-influencers and video content. But, if you are a consulting agency, then video content might not be the most effective. Your target audience will help you narrow down the type of content and the type of influencer, which will show which platforms they are most likely using.


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The availability of an influencer depends on the demand and their own beliefs. Macro-influencers will be sought after by many other brands and often have long-term contracts in place. Micro-influencers may be more likely to partner with your brand, but make sure it’s within their guidelines. For example, a canine nutrition influencer might be open to sponsored posts but, if they refuse to work with dog food companies, that’s something to be aware of before reaching out.

Multi-Market and Niche Markets

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Multi-Market and Niche Markets are other aspects of influencer marketing to consider before researching. The audience you target with this social media campaign could be one type or many different markets. The goal of your campaign will narrow down your influencer research.

Where to Find Influencers?