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Strategy & Insights: Up Close

The Work Goes On...Re-inventing the workplace during a pandemic

Now that we're starting to get used to this new normal, everyone wants to know; what's next? With the shifting landscape re-defining how we accomplish our work and shifting priorities and deadlines, navigating this turmoil won’t be easy. What steps are you taking to plan and prepare for the next 6 months+ of anticipated continued disruption to normal operations? It isn't practical to just shut down all marketing efforts completely, but it IS the time to pivot and find new ways to overcome challenges.

The marketing sector has seen mass layoffs of thousands of employees from large well-established firms and agencies. I won't say that it is business "as usual" here at ReelPaws, as that wouldn't take into account all of the changes we have implemented. This includes sending our entire team home with computer systems and equipment to continue working on projects. We are fortunate that so much of marketing and content creation can still be collaborated on virtually and we have adopted pretty stringent safety protocols regarding all new filming and photography projects planned over the coming months.

Although the work we are creating at ReelPaws has changed in scope a bit and adapted for this new normal, there are still new product launches going on, digital marketing campaigns that are planned, and pet ownership has ultimately increased. So, while some companies are at a standstill, others are finding an opportunity to reach and engage with customers as never before. With pet owners home more and showing increased activity on social media, many of our clients are pivoting to reach them in different ways. And while continuing to manufacture and achieve sales, they are also doing great charitable work in their communities. It’s been tremendous seeing operations shift to sewing and distributing masks and other vital PPE equipment to essential workers and donations of food and supplies.

So, the work goes on, and we will be here and happy to help advise our clients on current best practices and how to support sales efforts in this changing landscape.


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