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Strategy & Insights: Up Close

Pet Talent at ReelPaws

lady brushing dog

After a few years of increased remote work-from-home situations as the new normal for many, more people know what it’s like to have a pet as their coworker. Here at ReelPaws, that’s our business! We have enjoyed working with over 3,000 animals while creating our award-winning content. 

Sure, there are a few challenges: rambunctious puppies, camera-shy cats, and fur everywhere. We wouldn’t trade it for the world! Seeing the connection between our animal models and their owners is a pleasure. We are happy to be even a small part of this relationship while they are in our studio or on location acting as talent.

Another bonus is that there is no ego involved with animal talent! On almost every occasion, they come in excited to experience a new environment with new people and animal friends. We give them treats and belly rubs, and they’re ready to work with all their new friends! 

We love the fun surprises during the shoot as the pet gets comfortable and starts interacting with the featured products. It makes us more aware of the possibilities and opportunities at the moment. You never know when the model will look up with an adoring canine smile or provide the perfect playtime bounce. It is a great feeling to look at the replay monitor and see the ideal shot – a product of patience, practice, and a little luck!

Working with animals is a deeply fulfilling experience that brings out the best in us as creators. Over the years, we have meticulously built an extensive database with a wide variety of pets and breeds, a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We can’t wait to see who we meet on our next project!

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