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Silver Honey

W.F. Young partnered with ReelPaws to develop content around Silver Honey's unique brand story. First, ReelPaws identified the Reasons-to-Believe that best resonated with consumers. Then, ReelPaws developed two websites, one for Pet consumers and the other for Equine consumers.

ReelPaws supported the brand launch with digital content, including digital ads and a brand anthem video (featured below!)

Our Role:

Website Design

Product Photography

Video Production

Digital Content Creation



To tap into existing email lists, ReelPaws designed a series of engaging promotional emails that were sent to readers of Great Pet Care and Equine Network.


Brand Anthem


Silver Honey was created to be natural, so naturally the brand needed an engaging way to tell it's brand story. ReelRaws produced a brand anthem video to showcase the unique story behind Silver Honey



ReelPaws designed a splash page to educate consumers and drive sales of Silver Honey. The page highlights the unique ingredients, while also promoting the Silver Honey brand story. 


social & digital

Content Creation

ReelPaws produced a library of social media and digital advertising assets telling the Silver Honey story. These assets were designed to appeal to Silver Honey's target audience, while also demonstrating the use-case for the product.

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